Is your Nikon flash missing the exposure?

Just when you think you’ll never have to calculate another flash setting again thanks to Nikon’s amazing CLS (Creative Lighting System) along comes a guynikon-sb900-reviews who can explain why occasionally CLS gets the exposure wrong. I demo Nikon’s wireless flash system using two SB-900s and the on-camera speedlight as a controller.

When shooting against a black background, CLS creates perfectly exposed images. But sometimes it doesn’t and I’ve never taken the time to figure out why. Often when the exposure is coming out wrong I switch all my flashes to manual and dial up the amount of light I want without benefit of CLS. I also put the camera in manual mode and I use a flash meter to set my exposure. Takes longer but it gives me 100 per cent control.

Now here comes a guy who can actually explain why CLS occasionally goofs the exposure. This link is to Digital Photography – Tips and Tricks.


2 thoughts on “Is your Nikon flash missing the exposure?

  1. Yup, TTL-BL works just like Canon E-TTL II.

    * Measures using the preflash (that’s why you see a flash in the viefinder even though the mirror is obviously still down since you can see through the viewfinder!)

    * Meters evaluative but with strong bias towards the selected focus points, not centre weighted average (but you can set that on high end cameras if you wish)

    * Sensitive to small bright areas (see also where I explain same for Canon)

    * Shorter focus distance makes flash less bright except when bouncing (which makes sense!)

  2. …though he is also mistaken or inaccurate in a few instances. Eg he says “add exposure compensation” a few times when he means “add flash exposure compensation”. Easy enough to make that mistake.

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