How great are the Wacom digital tablets?

I like recommending photography equipment that works. So when it comes to working with a digital tablet, I have no hesitation in recommending the digital tablets from Wacom.CTH661S_1

Here’s why: I just got back from an extended weekend of shooting fall colours in Algonquin Park (This was organized by the nice folks at Outdoor Photography Canada magazine. I’ll have a multi-post review of the workshop and links to my images. I’ve got fall-winter-issue-09multiple gigs of images to edit down to something manageable.) and I took my new Macbook Pro (extremely happy with my decision to purchase the Macbook) so I could download my images every evening (I also kept the images on the memory cards as a backup).

I also took with me my Wacom Bamboo digital tablet. This smaller tablet easily fit into one of my camera bags and made simple edits on my images just so easy. It also served as my external mouse. The computer and tablet sat on small tablet in our motel room.

The good news about the Wacom Bamboo is it’s around $100 here in Canada. You can buy it from Henry’s Cameras right now. The Bamboo Fun model even comes with a copy of Photoshop Elements. Cool.

Now comes word that Wacom is introducing a new Bamboo tablet. Here’s a link to their website.


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