Our excellent Algonquin adventure

Marion  (BTW that’s her in the masthead photo 2nd from the left) and I took off Thursday morning for a weekend workshop shooting the autumn colours in Algonquin Park. We got into our room at the Algonquin Inn which is located on Hwy. 60 just outside the park just after lunch. After a short break, we got the cameras out and went off to shoot photos. As we drove up we didn’t see much evidence of fall colours but the park held a surprise for us. As soon as we approached the western gate the fall colours were all around us and they got better – way better – as the weekend progressed.

The main part of the weekend was a of Outdoor Photography Canada’s workshop hosted by publisher Roy Ramsey and led by Ethan Meleg. I will comment on lessons learned and lessons confirmed in future posts.

After a full-day of shooting (well we did sneak into Huntsville for dinner at the Tall Trees restaurant – four-star approval rating from both of us) we got back to the Inn for a welcome reception and to meet all our fellow students and shooters. Ethan brought along a couple of his pals so there were plenty of helping hands to go around. Photographers abilities varied from pretty basic and up but regardless of where they started the weekend I think it’s safe to say that everyone came away with great images and wonderful memories.

So are there things that could have gone better? Well the weather was terrific despite forecasts of rain all weekend long. Only materialized a little on Sunday morning. Algonquin area was expecting heavy winds and rain this week and that will likely knock a lot of the leaves out of the canopy.

So I’ll have more to say in the next post but for now: How’s this:



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