PictoColor doesn’t get it

I bought a copy of PictoColor’s ICorrect Portrait for $99 less than six months ago following David Ziser’s excellent Digital Wake-Up Call workshop. I didn’t really need it but after David’s ravings I thought I’d give it a try. I works pretty well. I’ve used it maybe half a dozen times and find it does speed up the process of correcting for skin tones. So now I’ve changed over to MAC platform and I emailed PictoColor about transferring my license over to MAC. Well image my surprise when I got this little note:

“Dear Peter,
Thank you for your inquiry.  Our policy for platform switching is to have you purchase a copy for your new machine at the upgrade price located here:


– –
Customer Service

Partner for Success with our Affiliate Program
Earn 25% percent commissions on our award winning products with PictoColor’s Affiliate Partner Program!

Notice how quick PictoColor is to promote their commission selling scheme but now they want an additional $49 to transfer the license. This is really poor practice not copied by reputable software companies (like Adobe which transferred my much more expensive copy of Photoshop CS4 from PC to MAC for $0 and even sent me a new disk. Cool and professional. Not so cool is PictoColor wanting another $49 (US).

Pictocolor claims on their Company Information page that “we believe in three things, helping you make the color right, making your life easier and saving you time. Why not add a fourth statement around providing excellent customer service. That would be most welcome.

So until PictoColor changes its policy I can’t recommend them anymore. And no you’re not getting an additional $49 and you’ve lost me as a customer until you make good at transferring my license from PC to MAC. That’s not too  much to ask.


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