Last night I volunteered to shoot photos for former Oakville Mayor Ann Mulvale’s 60th birthday party where she asked everyone who attended (early hopes were for 250) to donate $60 to the $Millions or More Oakville ($MOMO) to benefit the Stephen Lewis Foundation and its fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

So, if you attended the party last night and you’ve beaten me here (this will make it Friday morning as you read this) your photos are waiting for you at my online gallery site here which is www.peterwestphoto.ca. Now that is to say if it’s sometime after 11am Friday. If your photos aren’t ready yet they should be up by mid-afternoon and you can find them under the gallery marked Oakville. The gallery is not passworded and the photos will download by right clicking the image and following the instructions on your screen. If you have any difficulties just send me an email to peter@peterwest.ca .

I hope you had a great time. I’m guessing I did 🙂

If you have a moment, take some time to visit this site which is part of my photography teaching business. The information here is for my students of digital photography and you’re welcome to view it. I am available to give talks and workshops on digital photography from the basics to the professional level. Just send me an email for more details and thanks again for supporting $MOMO.


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