Lightroom and the Wacom digital tablet

Now I said this in an earlier post: If you’re using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or especially Lightroom 2 you’ll really want to introduce a Wacom digital tablet into your workflow – even – or maybe especially if you’re new to photo editing. Now I’m not alone in my opinion. Here’s a link to Scott Kelby’s hugely popular and authoritative PhotoshopInsider blog where Wacom advocate Wes Maggio really spells out the advantage to using a Wacom digital tablet.DSC_8065

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of introducing a digital tablet into your workflow. Basically it’s just a sophisticated usb mouse pad that includes a digital pen. For more global changes (Global changes are changes that affect the entire image.) working with an ordinary mouse or the mouse that comes with the digital tablet do the job just fine. But if you want to  make more local changes then a digital pen, especially one which is pressure sensitive, (That’s a pen that adjusts the size of the line it’s drawing depending on how much pressure you use when moving it.) is a real treat.

I use my digital pen to draw lines around teeth and the whites of my subject’s eyes. With the pen it’s a snap. With a mouse, not so much fun.

Digital tablets aren’t expensive. You can get one of the Bamboo models for just over $100. Trust me, it will be $100 well spent.

I’ll be putting up our images from our wonderful weekend in Algonquin Park this weekend at my Smugmug site at Peter West Photo. And checkout my new teaching site at CameraTraining.Ca.


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