Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise

I’ve got two Think Thank bags and now I want the Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise 70 Pro! Why Think Tank bags? Notice the word “tank” in the title. These babies are built for action. I’m not just blowing smoke here. If you are tough on your equipment (and most pros are) then you want to buy equipment that will last no matter what. IMHO that’s what Think Tank Photo bags are all about. You ThinkTankPhoto_Urban_Disguise70-200x131can buy cheaper bags and you can buy bags that are lighter but you can’t buy bags that are any better. They’re not for everyone. But for pros, these guys are the best.

Now comes a new model – and there will always be new models 🙂 but this one is pretty cool because (a) it will hold a lot of equipment and (b) it will allow you to hide the fact the fact that you’re carrying around a lot of expensive equipment. One of the nice things about the new Urban Disguise 70 Pro is it will hold a camera with a 70-200mm f/2.8 attached. Neat. But even better the “Disguise” series doesn’t make it obvious that it’s a camera bag.

Remember (this is to you new students) how I talk about keeping your camera out of sight in some high-risk places? This bag will help keep you and your equipment safe and sound. Can’t ask for much more than this.Nice job Think Tank. (BTW the Think Tank Photo folks were full-time pros before they went into the bag business so they know their stuff.)


2 thoughts on “Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise

  1. What do I need on my trip to Phoenix? It has to be guaranteed to fit in the plane as carry-on (cannot have “you’ll need to air-check that, Sir” – $20,000 in camera stuff will not leave my hands until they are cold and dead!)

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