Not going rogue

Sarah Pallin is launching her book “Going Rouge” today on Oprah and I bet Marion (who works right behind me in our home office) will have the TV on.

I’ve been going rogue all my life. I started taking photographs when I was a just a little boy who wanted to do what his dad did and that was take photos. (BTW dad was pretty good. He shot with an advanced film point and shoot that had manual controls and created excellent slide shows of our vacations. If I remember correctly he nailed his exposures because he used a hand-held lightmeter.)

So I taught myself how to take pictures with my Kodak Brownie and my old black and whites are likely still in a box in my basement. In my early teens I got more interested an bought a Yashica twin-lens reflex and later a Nikon Nikkormat (which IMHO was as good as anything we’re using today). Over time more Nikons, a Leica, a bunch of other weird and wonderful cameras (Rollie 35, a 110mm mini Kodak system that shot really great slides that you could project in their own mini slide projector. All told I’ve bought over 40 cameras over the last 40 years.

I bought all of the Time-Life books on photography (remember the silvery paper) as well as textbooks by some of the great photographers of the 1950s and 60s. I read all the photography magazines. Slowly I learned my craft. Eventually I got work as a newsphotographer working for peanuts and photo credits and finally a full-time job at a daily newspaper. What fun.

With my recent entree into serious digital photography I bought every book I could find (and there’s a ton of them) and I’ve read them all – often twice – and I’m getting pretty good at creating really wonderful digital images. (The postman still delivers at least a book a month.) Thanks to Henry’s I’ve been teaching for a couple of years at their School of Imaging so after all this self-teaching and self-directed learning nobody is more surprised than me that I’ve joined the Professional Photographers of Canada.

I can’t believe I’m going legitimate šŸ™‚ Seriously it’s time I joined the professional organization that represents photographers across Canada. I haven’t been a member for longer than three hours but I’ve already got an email welcoming me to the provincial branch (The Central Portrait Branch) and an invite to join them at their next meeting in two weeks. Cool.


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