Software warning

I’ve blogged about PictoColor Corporation before and now I’ve received another email from them announcing that they are again sponsoring David Ziser’s wonderful Digital Wakeup Call Seminars. First let me say this blog comment has absolutely nothing to do with David Ziser who is a wonderful photographer and teacher and I highly recommend you attend his Digital Wakeup Call Seminar when it comes to a city near you. David also has one of the best blogs on the Internet when it comes to photography and you should subscribe to it and read it daily.

Having said that I do want to warn you that David’s Digital Wakeup Call Seminar is sponsored by PictoColor Corporation and David does highly recommend their software products including ICorrect which is used to correct skin tone colour in portrait photographyS

Following David’s recommendation I bought the plug-in for $99. The plug-in works and I would recommend it but for the issue I have with PictoColor on their policy of charging an additional $49 to change over a license from one platform to another. This is a customer-unfriendly policy which PictoColor Corporation should seriously reconsider.

I didn’t have this issue with any other software company. Adobe transferred my PC license to Mac for Photoshop CS4, Lightroom 2, and Photoshop Elements. NIK Software allowed me to download their excellent collection (very highly recommended) of software plugins (Viveza, Color Efex Pro 3.0, Silver Efex Pro, Dfine and Sharpener Pro) without issue. I have a copy of Alien Skin’s fantastic Bokeh software which blurs out the background of your photos in a manner similar to the way very expensive and fast lenses do it and I downloaded the Mac version without issue. BTW Alien Skin has a ton of other really interesting and creative software packages available for the advanced creative photographer. Go check out their site.

So why is that PictoColor Corporation can’t or won’t do the same?

I don’t know the answer to that but I’ve emailed them again and hope to have a more satisfactory answer soon. Until then, based on my experience, I can’t recommend you purchase their products. If there’s a change in policy I’ll let you know because their products are pretty good. The customer-relations policy sucks.


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