Savaging a workshop

Oh dear has Internet photo-blogger and digital know-it-all (and I tend to agree with most everything he says) Ken Rockwell ever taken a big bite out of a recent $5000 workshop that went out to the U.S. desert to shoot with the new $50,000 Phase One camera. Now I guarantee you there are going to be some ruffled feathers over these comments especially as some of the instructors are out of the Toronto area.

Look the function of a camera workshop leader is to put you, the photographer, into a target-rich shooting situation where you’re virtually guaranteed to come back home with trophy images. That’s what happened to me and Marion in October when we shelled out around $800 each for a weekend in Algonquin Park to shoot with Ethan Meleg one of the editors with Outdoor Photography CanadaMagazine.

First we had a ball. Second we got great images. Third Ethan took sometime with Marion to help her get better images without her husband’s help :). Fourth despite my 40+ years of shooting I learned a few very valuable tips about shooting landscapes. Fourth did I mention we had a ball 🙂


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