Flash for Christmas

Thanks to everyone at the Hamilton Camera Club for such a warm welcome and a great night of photography. We shared an introduction to macro photography workshop that helped introduce the super small world of macro and close-up shooting to a big crowd of around 75 photographers.

Right after the break I had a few minutes to show the club the difference between standard direct flash (see photo right) and what anybody can do with any camera that takes an external flash unit that you can swivel, twist and turn. This type of flash allows for bounce flash which makes really ugly flash shots (and remember it’s the shot that’s ugly not the subject – this quip always gets a good laugh and thanks to my subjects for putting up with my feeble attempts at humour).

After we did bounce flash, I turned on the Nikon CLS wireless system.

If that wasn’t enough, I put the camera on “P” mode. This meant that the camera and flash would do all the work. All I did was push the shutter button. My D-300 and SB-900 flash communicated with each other and set the exposure automatically. And what was the result?

Here’s a second photo of the same gentleman who was sitting in the front row. No umbrellas or light modifiers were used. I simply got the flash off camera and this was the result. Cool!

For anyone in the Toronto GTA I’m offering a flash workshop in conjunction with my partners Michael Willems (who is off to Phoenix, Arizona this week to do the same workshop for a large group of wedding photographers) and Dani Valliquette on December 10 and 17 at our teaching studio in Oakville. Check out our website at www.cameratraining.ca for details.

BTW lots of folks asked for a link to the Orbis ringflash attachment. Here it is at the Orbis site.

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