Camera training 101

Now that I’m fully out on my own I can offer a wider variety of photography classes including part one and part two of my own designed digital camera basics course for newcomers to DSLRs. I’ve also have a point and shoot one-hour introductory talk and a three-hour hands-on workshop for all of you who just bought a new simple or complex point and shoot camera as well.

Last night I worked with a couple of new students (one of whom is going on a world trip and the other who is a very good photographer already but just bought a new Nikon D90 at my recommendation) and we worked through the basics of the digital single-lens reflex camera.

The objective of the part one course is to get you taking radically better images by the end of the three-hour class. This is a real hands-on and personal workshop taught by a working professional photographer (me). We present it in a clean, well-run teaching studio and not the back of some noisy retail store where you’re made to sit in the staff kitchen along with 25 other people of varying knowledge and desire to learn.

My new workshops are for enthusiasts and folks who just want to shoot the same quality images they see in the photo magazines.

One of the best ways to do that is by taking a basic or advanced workshop and then attend one of our new “walk-with-us” workshops which we are setting up at locations across Ontario. There’s no better way to learn that to go out with a pro and shoot along side him or her. For more details stay tuned to this blog and visit my teaching blog at


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