Some people…

There are some people in the photography business who are only in it for the buck. You know the type. They’re more interested in pushing another lens or another canned course rather than just celebrating the joy of learning how to do more with your camera regardless of the model and cost.

On the other hands there are some amazing photographic teachers out there (and I’m thinking of David Ziser, Sam Puc, Gary Fong, Michael Willems among others) who are so incredibly generous with their time and talents that it’s true inspirational just to be in the same room with anyone of these folks.

Over the last few days I’ve been blessed to have had so many of you email me directly to wish me well in my new endeavour. And you know who you are. Thank you so much for your kind words and your insightful comments and I agree entirely 🙂  and I appreciate every word from the bottom of my heart. The same goes for the several hundred of you regular readers who show up here everyday to read this blog. My stats form shows this blog has been growing exponentially over the last several months. BTW you can find me on Twitter by following peterwest at Twitter.

So here’s my pledge to all of you who have taken a course with me at any of the venues that I’ve taught at. I will always remain open to your emails, your questions and comments regardless of who you choose to study with in the future. Over the last couple of years hundreds of you have emailed me to say how much you appreciated my way of teaching and how you got so much more than you expected from your time with me. Well that won’t change 🙂 In the new year I’ll be providing you more information about how to take radically better images with your camera equipment so stay tuned.

BTW: If you’re interested in wildlife photography check out Raymond Barlow Photography. I don’t know Ray but he conducts wildlife workshops like this one at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre on Dec. 19 and the BIF (think it means Birds In Flight) at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy on Jan. 9. I don’t know Raymond but if his images are any example, this should be a fabulous workshop. Check with Raymond on equipment but I bet a long, fast lens is virtually a necessity. A $6000 200 to 400mm zoom would be ideal but you’d probably get away with a 75 to 300mm especially on a DX-format camera. An 18 to 200mm might do but check with Raymond.

Here’s a PDF slideshow by Raymond and 11 other photographers who shot this show to help bring awareness to the environment. Enjoy.


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