New courses… new opportunities

I know quite a few photo instructors in the GTA and I’m pleased to announce that in the new year I’ll be looking for instructors who are interested in teaching my independently developed photography courses to their own students. These courses include workshops on how to get better images from point and shoot cameras and a basic and advanced courses suitable for all makes and models of DSLRs. I’m writing a workshop for black and white shooters as well as a printing workshop for advanced amateurs. I’ve got several other courses including macro and “walk-with-the-pro” hands-on workshops in the works.

To use my copyright teaching programs all you’ll need do is buy a license from me to teach them. I’m not interested in who else you’re working for or even how you are using my materials. If you’re an inspirational teacher, you’ll make money. I won’t be imposing any silly attempts to limit your ability to earn an income. I know lots of you photographic instructors who work for some well-known schools that teach photography. More than a few of you teach night school classes for area school boards. Many work for retailers like Blacks, Vistek and other smaller retail vendors and that’s fine by me. I hope you hand out your business cards to our students and encourage them to call upon you for one-on-one help. You can set your own rates and make as much money as you want. There are no restrictions as far as I’m concerned.

What I am here to do is help you grow your business and support you with great presentations and online support for your customers.

All I ask is that you pay for what you use. I’ll be setting up a website to support your students with downloadable information and an “ask the expert” column. So to setup your own teaching opportunities all you’ll need to do is rent a projector and rent a room at your local library and you’ll have your own photographic teaching business up and running.

There are tons of people buying simple point & shoot cameras and DSLRs and the vast majority of them need help understanding their cameras so they can get the most out of their expensive purchase. There’s lots of work out there for anyone who truly wants to help new photographers explore the new wonderful world of digital photography and I welcome you to email me at for further details.


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