Announcing a new blog series for beginners

Just in time for Christmas I’m starting a new blog series of special interest to beginners. And so I’d like to welcome any new readers coming from my marketing letters sent to schools, senior centres and other locales. Add to that my emails to photography sites that cater to newcomers and I can see we’ve got lots of new readers.

So let’s talk photography…

Thanks to digital photography, taking photos is really easy and really difficult. Huh? What I mean is if you shoot mainly on the fully automatic setting, your camera will take care of the rest. It’s that simple and for many of you that’s as much as you need to be taking really good photos of your family and friends. It’s that easy. So when does photography get really difficult? It gets tough the moment after you say to yourself “what are all these other modes on the mode dial.” Now there’s no need to abandon all hope once you go off automatic but the learning curve does go up rather steeply. Having said that it’s my intention over the next few weeks to totally demystify digital photography.

And here’s my FREE OFFER to you. Anytime you have a question about digital photography I’m inviting you to send me an email. I’ll answer every email within 24 hours and may even post your question here so everyone can read the answer. Here’s my email address:

Tomorrow: Which camera should I buy?


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