Special – Gift certificates for Christmas

I’ve been getting requests for a gift certificate for my courses coming up in the new year. If you’re interested in a gift certificate for the photographer in your home, please contact me in time for me to mail it to you before Christmas.

For beginners I have a digital camera basics course that comes in two parts. Part one is all about the controls and buttons on your camera and we discover how to get the most out of our cameras on the automatic mode and pre-sets. We cover a great deal more including how and when to use exposure compensation and white balance. in part two courses we do some hands-on work with our cameras in the creative modes of program, aperture and shutter priority plus manual (which many other schools never touch because they think it’s too hard to teach to beginners. I think it’s essential because unless you can shoot in manual mode you’ll never get good shots of fireworks. I’ll show you how to use manual mode and so much more including when and where to shoot in JPG or RAW modes.

I’ve got a Christmas special on right now. The basic courses I teach are on sale for $60 and the more advanced and professional courses are $120. These prices are valid until Dec.24 (after all they’re Christmas specials) but any gift certificate issued before Dec. 24 will be honoured in the new year.

For more information on upcoming courses email me directly at peterwestphoto@gmail.com.


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