Oh happy day

My copy of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine just arrived in the mail. Look guys if you’re only going to subscribe to one great photo magazine this is it!

Really! Why? Because the images are (for the most part) shot right here in your own backyard by (for the most part) Canadian professional photographers. Roy Ramsay, the publisher and his wife, were with us on the Algonquin Fall Leaves shoot we took with Ethan Meleg who is IMHO one of Canada’s best outdoor landscape photographer. Listen guys I’ve been shooting professionally for 40 years and this guy taught me some techniques that took my outdoor photography up a couple of notches. Nice.

Anyway this is a professionally written and produced magazine. The images are top quality as is the reproduction. The writers are great and the information really useful. Plus these photographers tell you where they shot their image and usually  include information on how it was done. Neat. These guys are also in the photo workshop business just like me but they’re the sort of competition I love as they provide a great product (the workshop) that ends up with great results for the students (images you’ll be proud to show others).

So here’s the deal: If you want a great Christmas present a two-year subscription will cost you $34.50 (for 8 issues). Get the subscription by sending a cheque to Sunlight Media Inc., 34A Avondale Blvd. PO Box 83026, Brampton. Ontario, L6T 5N3 and go buy a Christmas card for the lucky recipient and make a handwritten note that they are getting this subscription. I know I’d be thrilled to receive this gift card.

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