Advanced flash with Joe McNally

Taking a course with Joe McNally is on my wishlist for 2010. If you don’t know Joe, you don’t know flash 🙂 You see Joe is one of the best photographers currently working today. His mastery of flash is top notch. So how good is he? Well he’s one of the top photographers shooting for National Geographic and it doesn’t get better than that. The shot on the right is of Joe working in a studio and I grabbed it off of Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider’s Blog (even if you’re not using Photoshop you must be a regular visitor to this site). Joe uses Nikon equipment but his sage words apply to every brand of camera and flash.

Here’s a sample of what Joe teaches. This video is from the Nikon USA website and in it Joe shows us how to set-up a scene using a model. Once he gets the light right (and notice how much time this takes) he introduces a gelled flash. Now there’s nothing hard about what Joe is doing. Anybody who can trip an external flash from their camera can do this type of photography easily. Strange thing is many photographers, including many working pros, have never been taught how to do this.

Fortunately this is the same stuff I teach right here in the GTA and it’s essentially the same  one-day workshop that I can bring to your city. I am setting up some workshop dates for the new year using models and speedlights just like Joe. Send me an email at for more information. You’ll love the results.

BTW Joe’s work reminds me of the workshop I took with David Tejada in Buffalo earlier this year. Same wonderful professional instruction and same wonderful photographic results. Here’s one of my shots from the Small Strobes – Big Results workshop.


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