What everyone should know about cameras

Well we had some great classes this month and I want to thank all of you who attended. It’s great to see so many new photographers interested in spending a couple of hours learning the basics of their cameras. And thanks to all of you who sent emails with questions. I hope I answered them all to your satisfaction.

In January, I am planning on running a series of basic photographic courses for groups at their locations across the GTA. These private courses are available to anyone who gets five or more students together.BTW these private courses also qualify for special pricing discounts so don’t hesitate to ask for more information by emailing me at peterwestphoto@gmail.com. In addition, I am running two public courses here in Oakville.

I’m doing “Taking Way Better Pictures” on Tuesday, January 12 here in Oakville. This is the best course I’ve ever created for people new to digital photography. It doesn’t matter which camera you own as these principles apply to all makes and models. And, I promise that you will be taking radically better images after taking this course.

On Tuesday, January 19 I’m teaching my very popular Travel Photography course just in time for your next big trip. This is the same workshop I was teaching a local night school for the last couple of seasons. Learn how to protect your equipment from theft and other dangers. Learn what equipment to take and what equipment to leave at home. At the same time I’ll show you how to shoot award-winning images while you’re holidaying in some of the world’s most exotic vacation spots. And remember, it doesn’t matter what make or model of camera you have. What matters is that you want to take exception images with the equipment you’ve got now.

But best of all, when you sign up for one of my courses there are no sales clerks or sales pressure to buy, buy, buy. I just want you to have more fun with your digital photographic equipment.

So here’s a treat: This is a link to the Gizmoto website where today’s blog is called “What everyone should know about cameras.” This is a great introduction to digital photography. It’s got some of the same information that I teach but we go so much further in our time together.


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