How to watermark your photos

Carlisile has posted a comment about which software I’d recommend for watermarking your images.

Watermarking your images is an easy way to ensure that nobody steals your photos and uses them without your permission. Most images I’ve seen online aren’t likely to be stolen but it has happened. This is especially true for photographers who shoot stock images. Stock images have commercial value and there are quite a few stories about stock shooters finding their images being used in ad campaigns in foreign publications.

A real simple way to avoid photo theft is to make certain you only upload very small images to your website. There’s no need to upload full size images if all you want to do is post your images for others to view.

So if you’ve got images you think someone might steal or you just want to say to the world that this is my image here are some links to some great information on watermarking software.

Here’s a good overview article about watermarking. This is from the site.

PicMarkr is a free watermarking site. The Pro version offers more versatility for $39 and has a free download trial period offer. BTW I make no claim for any of the software listed here as I haven’t personally used anything with the exception of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom 2. My other favourite editor is Capture NX2 that is designed to work with Nikon NEF files.

Of course Photoshop and most other pro RAW editing tools (like Lightroom 2) will create watermarks as well as will Photoshop Elements. This link takes you to a You Tube tutorial on how to create a watermark on multiple photos.

Hope that helps Carlisle and thanks for the question. Happy New Year.


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