Do you listen to podcasts?

What’s a podcast might be your first question?

A podcast is a radio talkshow without the radio. The audio file sits on the Internet and you can listen to it on your computer, IPod or IPhone (and other smart phones as well). I listen to This Week In Photography and I really enjoy the hour-long roundtable talks. Right now, as I’m working in my home office I’m listening to Episode 122 “The Year In Review”.  I also listen to This Week In Technology when I’m working out at the YMCA. BTW TWIT also simulcasts video of the podcast.

Now not all podcasts are the same. Some are just awful. I was listening to another photography podcast which used an interview format. The podcaster was a terrible interviewer who constantly interrupted his subject as she struggle to figure out the question. And the subject, who has a great website and comes across there as a top-notch celebrity wedding photographer, sounded like a ditz in the podcast.

So if you’ve got an IPod, you can load up a couple of podcasts, dress warmly and go out shooting. I’ve done it.


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