More on flash modifiers

I love the Internet. Yesterday I talked about light modifiers for your speedlights and a couple of hours later I get an email from the good folks at Lightscoop who want us to consider their products too. Since I’ve not used a Lightscoop I can’t personally recommend it but that doesn’t stop us from having a peek. BTW the correct and full name for the product is Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop. Professor Kobre is a real professor named Ken Kobre who is the head of the photojournalism program at San Francisco State University and is the publisher of KobreGuide to the web’s Best Videojournalism (This is an interesting site if you’re interested in video photojournalism.)

So what is a Lightscoop? It’s a device that you put over your pop-up on-camera flash that bounces the light from the flash straight up. This is exactly what the pros do with their big external flashes. We use the ceiling light a big photographic umbrella to create softer lighting with no harsh shadows. That’s why I’m always recommending buying a big (and expensive) external flash. But what if you don’t want to shell out $300 to $500 for a flash? Well, now there’s Lightscoop.

As the Lightscoop people say this is a “low tech” device consisting of a mirror in a small holder that fits over your flash. If nothing else go have a look at their “How it works” page as it explains bounce flash pretty nicely. One added advantage of bouncing a flash is no more red eye. Cool.One caution is you must check if your camera model is compatible but there’s a list of compatible models on the Lightscoop website. Also due to camera design differences, there is a special model for Sony cameras.

The Lightscoop sells at $34.95 (US) and comes in standard or warming models.

BTW the Lightscoop website is one of the best I’ve ever seen as far as selling a product is concerned. They have several videos showing how the unit works along with tons on written information. There are lots of before and after photos that demonstrate the Lightscoop plus there’s a Flickr Group. Because of all this support and the ability to bounce flash, I’d have to say that for $34.95 you could hardly go wrong buying a Lightscoop for use with your pop-up flash.


One thought on “More on flash modifiers

  1. Prof. Kobre also wrote “Photojournalism”, a large illustrated book which is the bible for photojournalists. I have it if you want to borrow it – or is that not allowed, lending a book in this age of rights management and intellectual properly? 🙂

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