NIK software webinars

I love NIK Software’s products and you will too. If you’re new to NIK here’s a great opportunity to see their stuff in action. All this month they are offering free webinars that focus on what their software can do for you. NIK Software acts as plug-ins (in other words they need to work with another program) for such photo editing software as Photoshop Element, Photoshop, Aperture and LR-2 (One of their products Color Efex Pro 3 works with Capture NX2.)

How often do I use these sort of programs? All the time. I find NIK’s Color Efex Pro 3 is invaluable for getting the effects I want quickly and professionally. Silver Efex Pro is a wonderful black and white convertor. I can get real wet-darkroom results from a digital image using it. Cool.

The NIK line of software includes Color Efex Pro 3 (filters for your images); Dfine 2.0 (a noise reducer); Sharpener Pro 3.0 (a sharpener); Viveza 2 (a colour manipulator) and Silver Efex Pro (a black and white convertor). I’m not going to go into all the things these great products can do so go check them out yourself. NIK has free live webinars three times a day, five days a week. Here’s the schedule.


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