Better photos because of better classes

We’ve just finished a series of great photo basics and advanced photography workshops. Why are these better than your average photography workshops?

First, anybody can read slides off a screen to a roomful of eager students. And at some of the local big store workshops that’s exactly what happens. You get some store clerk who’s picking up a couple of extra bucks running the class. The classroom is actually a storage room or staff kitchen. For this you pay $75 or more and if you’re really unlucky you get to sit  beside the garbage pail. Yuck.

Even funnier (and stranger) is the weird titles some of these schools give their administrators. And you can bet these guys are getting paid plenty out of your wallet to run these “schools”.  That’s one of the reasons I think you should be very careful about who you give your money to.

There are lots of other and better photographic workshop experiences being offered in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding communities.

So how do you know if you’re getting buying a worthwhile course from a professional photographic instructor? It’s easy. Don’t believe me. Don’t believe them. Believe your own eyes. Call the “school” and ask who is going to be your instructor. This is key. You want someone with photographic and not sales experience. You want somebody who is excited to teach you and not somebody who is excited about making a few bucks off you. Check out the websites and the brochures. These didn’t come cheap.

If the school won’t tell you who your teacher is going to be for your class (and trust me the big schools know weeks ahead of time whose teaching what class) then I’d run for the door and save my money. Confirm for yourself if your teacher is really a photographer by going to their personal not their company’s commercial website. No personal website? I’d be guessing no personal history as a photographer.


One thought on “Better photos because of better classes

  1. Hello Peter,

    I got a Nikon D90 early last year and just recently got an SB600 flash. I’ve recently been trying to bounce the flash and although my pictures look somewhat better they’re still not amazing and so I’d like to get to know some better techniques. I was recommended to check your website by a close friend who took a class taught by you in the fall (?) of last year ( at Henry’s I think ). I’m a little confused – do you still teach there? Where can I take a class with you and how much? I live in Burlington, north of the QEW.

    Hope to hear from you.


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