Coffee, tea and me

Did your last photography class include coffee, soft drinks and chips?

I didn’t think so πŸ™‚

At Peter West Photo our classes always include snacks to munch while we learn about our cameras and the joys of photography. Why? Because unlike the “big” schools where you’re just a number on a list and a cashed cheque, to us you’re family πŸ™‚

My number one objective in running photography classes for beginners is to get you excited about using your camera and showing you how to take radically better images right away. How do we do that? It’s easy. We teach you the things you need to know (like how and why to shoot in other modes than just automatic) and we skip the sales pitch you get from some teenage store clerk who is subbing as teacher and trying to sell you overpriced accessories with inflated markups.

And I’m not the only photographic teacher who believes in you and doesn’t have a hidden sales agenda. Listen there are lots of great photographic instructors out there who offer smaller classes than the big boys. With these guys you always know who your instructor is going to be. We care that you enjoy your new (or old) camera. We’re always open to getting questions even after the class is over.

And, at Peter West Photo, you always get coffee, tea and me πŸ™‚


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