Thanks for your emails and here’s a gift

I want to thank all my students who have taken the time to send me such warm and appreciative emails. Since we’ve had so many full classes (and remember when I say full I don’t mean 25 or 30 or more people piled into a dirty storeroom. I keep my classes small so I can offer you direct hands-on help to understand your personal camera.

So here’s a gift. Many of the big camera schools don’t bother to tell you that your camera manufacturer may have upgraded your camera software. I own a bunch of Nikon DSLRs and my D-300 has had two upgrades since I bought it. My flash even got an upgrade. Upgrades fix known problems and enhance performance.

So how do you discover if your camera can be upgraded? Go to your camera manufacturer’s website. Check the site index for software downloads or camera upgrades. Different manufacturers call their upgrade page by different names. But if you’ve got a new DSLR (Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus) it’s likely you can upgrade your camera. So far, all of these upgrades are offered free to camera owners.

Now there’s a gift and information you won’t get from the most commercial and retail camera schools.

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