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Here’s a link to PhotographyBB, the free online magazine. This is issue number 24 of the PDF download and it’s one of their best. Among other great topics is an excellent article on using negative space in composition. I mention composition because so many of you who have taken my Digital Camera Basics Courses Part I and II have been asking for a course on what to shoot and how. So I’m working on a composition course right now. And, don’t worry if you’ve already taken one of those instant Saturday morning courses at another photo school. It was my experience that after they showed you a couple of slides on the rule of thirds and talked about it for a few minutes, the rest of the time was spent just watching a slide show as the presenter wasn’t really a professional photographer but a store clerk. And for this they ask a hefty price! Yikes.

At our course, we’ll be looking at composition in the same way professionals setup their photos. When I was shooting for the newspaper industry, it was the photographers who understood composition who sold the most photos and who were always in demand by photo editors. We’ll review some of the best images ever shot. We’ll talk about what worked for you and what didn’t as we review the images. You’ll love it and, here’s a secret, I’ve got a new downtown location that I’ll be announcing soon. Also coming this spring, we will be offering some walk-about workshops with myself and some other top-professional photographers including one photographer who is an old-world master of landscape.These walkabouts will give you actual photos that you’ve shot that you can use in your portfolio (or at least your screen savers on your computer). We might even throw in a dinner at a trendy restaurant as well. But we’ll wait until the weather gets a little warmer.

BTW we’ve been talking so much about knowing who your instructor is going to before you part with your hard-earned cash, one of the bigger photo schools put out a hugely expensive (and your course money went to pay for it) flyer last week that was promoting one of their star teachers. Unfortunately, the ad makes it look like the instructor took the class and wasn’t the teacher. This has got to be hugely embarrassing (not to mention an expensive mistake) but that’s what you get when you get so big that the customer becomes an afterthought. Sort of like letting Curly, Larry and Moe run the show. At Peter West Photo, you just get me and my 40 years of experience as a photographer and teacher. I think you’ll find that’s more than enough and remember, my classes are always kept to just a handful of students so we can offer you personal hands-on instruction.


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