Okay so what do you get for your extra couple of hundred bucks when you pick a Nikon D-5000 over a D-3000?

Okay in the D-5000 you get a 12.3 megapixel sensor as compared to the D-3000 with only a measly 10.2 megapixel. If you’ve read my last post you’ll have guessed that as far as I’m concerned for the  majority of anybody’s shooting you’d never notice the extra megapixels. You get a CMOS sensor in the D-5000 as compared to a CCD sensor. Bet you wouldn’t notice the difference.

The big difference: no video or live view in the D-3000.

So do you need video in your DSLR camera? I’ve got in my D-90 and I never use it. Why? There’s no external microphone so you get poor audio. Yuck. And as for live view, I really don’t like it. The focusing is slow and it eats up battery life. Besides it turns your expensive DSLR into a really expensive point and shoot. Also, back to video, a DSLR doesn’t auto focus like a camcorder. This means you need to know something about how to shoot semi-pro video when you’re using a DSLR. Now if you do want to shoot semi-pro video a DSLR can output some amazing video (go to You Tube and have a look at the videos done with the big gun in video the Canon D5 Mk II.)

So which camera? Ah it doesn’t matter. You’re going to love whatever you buy. My recommendation is to always buy what you can afford and get out and start shooting with your new toy.


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