Watch your curves

There are some great online photography tutorials out in cyberspace. I chanced up a terrific video by San Diego photographer Brian Auer who talks about how to work with curves and histograms when you’re editing your images. While Brian is using Photoshop, the information applies to any of the more advanced photo editing software that allows you to work with RAW images. (Note: curves and histograms work with JPG images but RAW format gives you so much more latitude.)

Brian’s video tutorial is for beginners and it’s excellent information. Not only does he show you what not to do, he explains why. Cool. I haven’t seen too many tutorials that offer this type of explanation. The website is called Epic Edits: A resource and community for photography enthusiasts.

Later this year we’ll be offering workshops on various software packages such as Lightroom 2 and Adobe Photoshop (and probably Photoshop Elements which at around $100 is a pretty good value for what you get). And, of course, we be offering these workshops at our new Toronto teaching location in the Kodiak Gallery in Toronto’s historic Distillery District.

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