Five ways to better for photos for $0

I tell my students my three secrets of better photography.

  1. Get closer. I mean way closer. Most of us shoot from too far back from our subject. Zooming in when shooting portraits results in a pleasing look. But whether you zoom in or step in closer to your subject the number one advantage is you automatically crop out clutter and distracting objects that can crop up in the background;
  2. Shoot at eye-level. We all shoot our kids from a height of five feet and up making the kids look like little in munckins. Whether it’s kids or animals, get down (or up) to eye level;
  3. Once you’ve got a shot you’re proud of, get it printed bigger than 8″X10″, frame it and put it up on your wall. Your family and friends will smoother you with compliments.

But there are more ways to instantly improve your photography. Here’s a link to a web site called Light Stalking that offers five more suggestions.


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