I apologize for not posting

It’s been a month since I posted and I beg the forgiveness of all of you who have been faithfully showing up here everyday looking for the next tip on how to be a better photographer. I’ve been busy đŸ™‚ I’m launching a new social media initiative aimed all of us who aren’t techno-geeks or web designers. Using social media tools such as freely available blogs like WordPress,  communications tools like Twitter and video and audio podcasting plus just being smart about using an email address that helps direct people to your site, you can grow your photography business or any other small business or non-profit agency. Of course then there’s Facebook and Linked-In and list goes on and on.

What got me started on this idea was a talk I gave at my local United Way during their very successful fund-raising campaign. I spoke to a room full of agency executives and when I asked if any of the agencies had a Facebook page. Nobody put up their hands! One person in the room had started blogging. This got me thinking that with my extensive experience in journalism, photography, public speaking, public relations added to the social media skills I had learned myself maybe I could be helpful here.

And so started Peter West’s Social Media Made Easy webpage which I am working on as we speak. So am getting away from photography? No. Of course not. Photography, especially digital photography, is just way too much fun and I be posting a lot of new things this month so stay tuned. You haven’t seen anything yet đŸ™‚


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