Rielle loses her mind then her pants

Yup. That’s the only answer to Rielle Hunter’s assertions that the photo shoot she did with GQ photographer Mark Seliger (and his crew plus a video crew) “repulsed” her. First you lose your mind, then you lose your pants. I had dates like that back when I was much younger. Anyway, Ms Hunter says the GQ shoot is breaking her heart.

You know Rielle. She’s the gal who took up with John Edwards, the US politician who was working his way toward a presidential race. Sorta had an affair. Got pregnant with the child (which he denied) and then has gone public in GQ (which stands for Gentlemen’s Quarterly. Might consider changing the name of the magazine to “Peek-a-Boo” monthly. On the other hand, bet the magazine flies off the shelves.)

BTW here’s Seliger’s blog “Art With No Strobes” that shows the shoot. The lady doth complain too much.

Now I’m not going to start on Edwards whose behaviour is appalling but Rielle, who met Edwards when she was shooting a video (and therefore in my mind should know something about photography) says she “cried for two hours” after seeing Seliger’s photos.

Gee I don’t know but I think if I had photos of me taken with my pants off I might be repulsed too but I wouldn’t blame the photographer. (A should cement in your mind the need for a model release on anything that isn’t art or straight-news editorial.)


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