I’ve finally joined something

And that something is the Nikonians! I was listening to a podcast during my morning workout at the YMCA and somebody mentioned that Nikonians (which is a Nikon-lovers organization) has 100,000 members. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND!! Why did I wait so long?

Let’s be honest here: Many of those members are gearheads 🙂 And, there’s nothing wrong or bad about being fixated on gear. Some of the developments in the last five years (like software and the digital darkroom) are absolutely mind boggling. But I’m interested in so much more than just equipment and what’s the hot new lens. I want to learn how to be a better photographer and it looks to me like the Nikonians is the place find out.

I’m also a member of photo.net which is another BIG online resource for users of camera equipment from all manufacturers.

If you’re sitting around waiting for better weather to get out shooting, why not spend sometime at both of these sites?


One thought on “I’ve finally joined something

  1. Thank you for commenting on Nikonians.
    Our community members and us are as interested in gear as in honing our photographic skills.
    Glad to know you found us.
    Have a great time!
    J. Ramon Palacios
    Founder and administrator

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