PhotographyBB Online – Best issue ever

Here’s a link to your free copy of PhotographyBB Online.  This the Vancouver-based magazine’s 26th edition and it’s terrific. I’d go so far as to say I think it’s their best issue ever.

Why? Well content of course. The PDF magazine’s editors have outdone themselves when they picked this month’s lineup of articles. The first article is on how to use Facebook if you’re a photographer who wants to sell or just display your images. Next up is Wayne Patola’s Tanzania Photo Safari story. GREAT images. Then for the newcomers is another article on RAW vs JPGs. If you don’t know the answer already, then read this article. Jon D. Ayres has a great article about how to travel with your camera. And there’s tons more including shoot portraits outdoors at night, better landscapes, an article on how to go pro and a great review of what’s new in Lightroom 3. Finally there’s a “how-to” article on creating those photos that look like toy models. This is cool as I always wondered how photographers created those images.

And the articles don’t end there. Harold Davis (this guy’s written 30 books so you can guess he’s an expert and he can write in a clear concise style) has another fabulous article on night photography. His images are worth the time to download the whole magazine. The feature interview is on John Gasca who talks about his growth as a photographer.

There’s lots more great reading here and best of all it’s free. Cool stuff. Great writing and amazing photos. Read it. Get inspired and go out and shoot.


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