Back from Brazil

I post to four blog sites (this one. One for my Toastmasters’ Club and one for Radio Amateurs of Canada, a national organization where I serve on their executive and my own Social Media Made Really Easy site) at least on a weekly basis but there’s been nothing from me for weeks as I’ve been in Brazil on vacation. When I go on vacation I don’t blog or answer emails or use a cell phone. So I apologize for the lack of content for the month of April but I’m back now and I’ll make it up to you.

I took two digital cameras (D-90 and F31 point and shoot) and a new camcorder (Canon HF-200) and I’m thrilled with the results. I learned a lot about Brazil and even more about travel photography which I will be sharing over the next few posts. We’ll look at how to get your camera equipment through customs at the airport. I’ll talk about which camera bags I recommend and why. Why you may not want to haul a DSLR with you and why you might.

There’s lots more to come so stay tuned.


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