How to shoot pro sports

Scott Kelby (of Photoshop fame) has a great blog posting on how to shoot a professional sporting event.

First you need a media pass because you won’t be shooting from the stands for this one. So how do you get a media pass? It can be pretty easy. The trick is you’ll need a letter from the editor of a legitimate publication. Still means print for most people and it won’t guarantee you’ll get a pass for the biggest pro games or events but you never know.

Sometimes you can get in with a letter from the editor of your local community newspaper or city magazine. What you need to prove to the folks who issue passes is the even will get some great publicity from the fact that you’re there taking photos. Another way to get a pass is to shoot for the event organizers. If you know somebody at the public relations company that’s promoting the event, your chances of scoring a pass can be pretty good.

Have a read of Scott’s blog and get out and keep shooting.


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