Get rid of your DSLR Video

I never thought I’d say this but DSLR video-equipped cameras like the Canon D5 Mark II or the Nikon D-300s are way too much money when you can do the same thing with an I-Phone!

What!  No? Yup and here’s the proof. This video was shot with a new I-Phone G4. You tell me whether you could shoot better than this? And this was done with the I-Phone. Yikes. I give up.

Now it didn’t hurt that the I-Phones were in an Owle Bubo Camera Mount which aids stability and creates a much better colour corrected image. But this is a $120 accessory. In the world of pro photography that’s so cheap as to be non-issue.

This gripping device does amazing things to images shot with an ordinary G3 I-Phone (see the videos here and here and here and the shots of the motorcycle racing were done with an G4 I-Phone in the Owle Budo mount. This device is more than just a grip that helps steady the camera. It has a 37mm wide-angle lens and forward facing microphone. There’s a standard shoe on top for accessories and tripod mounting holes in several places.

This is really seriously cool.

The shots from the glider (second video) as good as anything I’ve every seen and it’s funnier than heck. The photographer went flying with a US Aerobatics Champion and his reactions to flying upside down among other tricks is worth the five minutes.

If somebody from Owle Budo wanted to send me one for my G3 I-Phone I’d do a serious review 🙂 Failing that, I might have to buy my own. This thing is amazing.


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