Mayor Burton’s Baseball Tournament

The 300-plus images from yesterday’s Mayor’s Baseball Tournament are up online and available to anyone to download photos of themselves and members of their teams. Yes, after 10 hours of shooting resulting in over 2,000 images and seven hours of editing we’ve got our 300 best uploaded at Smugmug at Peter West Photo.

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton’s Baseball Tournament was a fund raiser for Community Living Oakville and the Kerr Street Ministries which each received cheques for $50,000. I was pleased to have been alerted to the opportunity to volunteer thanks to the Oakville Camera Club. I was joined by another club member Helen Grose who is a very good shooter and who fired off about the same number of images as I shot.

After the event (which took place on a cloudless hot July day in Ontario) our images were projected onto a screen in the dining tent set up for the event.

Thanks to the Oakville Camera Club, the Town of Oakville and Mayor Rob Burton for this opportunity to be of some small service.


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