Crazy clever

I don’t shoot HDR (high dynamic range) photography but if I did I’d go download Oloneo’s new software program right now!

(BTW the HDR photo here is from Trey Ratcliff’s wonderful Stuck In Customs HDR website.)

Why? Because this new software which is available for free right now in beta can do some amazing things to the illumination in your images. Actually what they are doing is incredibly smart yet relatively simple. If I’m guess right from what I saw at their website what the software does is combine photos (I’m guessing in layers) pretty much the same way as most HDR software (including Photoshop) works but the Oloneo engineers have brought forward controls so you can control the light values in each layer.

The website says the software can relight, tonemap and work as a RAW processor. Go watch the online videos and prepare to be amazed.

So what does this do? The software allows you to change the white balance in one layer while not changing the overall values. So if you’ve got a fireplace in one image you can control how the fire looks without affecting any of the other light sources in the photo. Here’s a link to Oloneo’s Flickr page.

Right now the software only works on PCs but when the MAC version is announced I will be looking at downloading a copy.

Here’s a comprehensive review at Photozine. com


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