Photography BB Online Magazine

Here’s the 30th issue of the Canadian-produced Photography BB Online Magazine. This free magazine has now moved to a free subscription model. In other words they want you to subscribe so they can go to their advertisers and build a case to get ad $$ instead of subscriber $$. Works for me 🙂

Lots of good information and the photos are as always stunning.


One thought on “Photography BB Online Magazine

  1. Hi Peter!

    Thanks for the blog entry and letting people know about the magazine. Yes, we’ve moved to a free subscription model, offering subscribers the choice of receiving the magazine along with our newsletter and prize draws, or just magazine notifications only. We want to keep the magazine completely free for all time, and this is the best way for us to do so. Also, the sponsors have been extremely generous in giving us some super cool giveaway items which have us set for prizes giveaways for the next half year already!

    The magazine stays free, we’re not going to spam anyone, plus we get free stuff to give away to the readers – works for us too! 🙂

    Thanks again for the post and keep up the great work here!

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