Mayor Burton’s Baseball Tournament

The 300-plus images from yesterday’s Mayor’s Baseball Tournament are up online and available to anyone to download photos of themselves and members of their teams. Yes, after 10 hours of shooting resulting in over 2,000 images and seven hours of editing we’ve got our 300 best uploaded at Smugmug at Peter West Photo.

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton’s Baseball Tournament was a fund raiser for Community Living Oakville and the Kerr Street Ministries which each received cheques for $50,000. I was pleased to have been alerted to the opportunity to volunteer thanks to the Oakville Camera Club. I was joined by another club member Helen Grose who is a very good shooter and who fired off about the same number of images as I shot.

After the event (which took place on a cloudless hot July day in Ontario) our images were projected onto a screen in the dining tent set up for the event.

Thanks to the Oakville Camera Club, the Town of Oakville and Mayor Rob Burton for this opportunity to be of some small service.


Shooting fashion with the I-Phone

Photographer Lee Morris (who is terrific IMHO) takes a professional model (who the camera eats up) applies about $500 worth of hair and makeup and then puts her into a studio with lots of expensive lights and huge softboxs (the studio photographer’s secret weapon) and then shoots her with an I-Phone.!

How does it turn out? See the results for yourself.

BTW Lee runs a great blog called but that site and his own sites are down. Likely overloaded by folks wanting to see more. Here’s a link to another of Lee’s sites called Model Mayhem.

Lee also has a bunch of “how to” videos on the Vimeo site under the name Fstoppers videos.

Join your local camera club and learn stuff

That’s what happened last night at the Oakville Camera Club. Despite no air conditioning and 30+ degrees C heat about 50 folks showed up to see Kevin Chan’s (that’s Kevin on the right) presentation resulting from his trip to the American midwest and Stephen Waterfall’s Photoshop Basics mini workshop.

Kevin had lots of hints about how to take an extensive trip while tenting (which cuts costs by about 90%) and how to travel with your dad (which in Kevin’s case sounded like it worked out okay). He also brought his camera bag with him (which had way more equipment than I could carry) and talked about how to keep sand and dust out of your camera while in a desert dust storm (don’t change lenses).

Stephen’s Photoshop Basics workshop was as good as anything I’ve seen done by the big name guys or done online. He explained layers and why that makes Photoshop so powerful. He demonstrated how to do a batch edit (turning RAW files into JPGs that each have the same effects that Stephen applied to the first image of the series. Stephen shoots slow-motion videos by shooting hundreds of time-delayed RAW images that he applies the same changes and then saves into a Quicktime movie. Very cool effect.)

Stephen explained smart objects and lots more. All in all a avery worthwhile evening which ended with a 40 minute video on how to use light modifiers in a studio setting. After sitting through over 25 hours of Zack Arias’s live demo a few weekends back I gave the Joel Grimes Workshop video a pass and went home to the air conditioning.  On the other hand here’s a link to Joel Grimes’ website. His opening shot is of a black man against a black background using (I’m guessing) at least three lights. Incredible. Pretty sure I could pull this off but it would take all day to figure out the lighting. Run Joel’s slideshow and prepare to be amazed. BTW he’s obviously using a lot of Photoshop to create these effects so don’t be too discouraged if you can’t duplicate these shots at home.

DIY Photography

I’ve been so busy shooting and teaching that I missed this wonderful website “DIY Photography.

For those of you who are taking their photography passed the family snapshots this site is for you….and prepare to spend some hours going through all the posts. DIY stands for do-it-yourself and that’s what you’ll learn here. Case in point it this blog on how to shoot HD video from your own helicopter. Get Out!! No it’s true.

A ham radio buddy of mine (Mike whose Canadian amateur radio call sign is VA3MW flies a four-engine electrical powered one-meter square hula-hoop. You’ve got to see this thing to believe it. Mike says because it has four engines it’s relatively easy to fly. Best of all it can hover and it can be set to hover at a predetermine GPS point. Here’s a link to his site.

Back to the DIY site.

Having problems learning lighting? Here’s a wonderful link to a “Lighting Modiferiers Cheat Cheet (sic)”.

Get rid of your DSLR Video

I never thought I’d say this but DSLR video-equipped cameras like the Canon D5 Mark II or the Nikon D-300s are way too much money when you can do the same thing with an I-Phone!

What!  No? Yup and here’s the proof. This video was shot with a new I-Phone G4. You tell me whether you could shoot better than this? And this was done with the I-Phone. Yikes. I give up.

Now it didn’t hurt that the I-Phones were in an Owle Bubo Camera Mount which aids stability and creates a much better colour corrected image. But this is a $120 accessory. In the world of pro photography that’s so cheap as to be non-issue.

This gripping device does amazing things to images shot with an ordinary G3 I-Phone (see the videos here and here and here and the shots of the motorcycle racing were done with an G4 I-Phone in the Owle Budo mount. This device is more than just a grip that helps steady the camera. It has a 37mm wide-angle lens and forward facing microphone. There’s a standard shoe on top for accessories and tripod mounting holes in several places.

This is really seriously cool.

The shots from the glider (second video) as good as anything I’ve every seen and it’s funnier than heck. The photographer went flying with a US Aerobatics Champion and his reactions to flying upside down among other tricks is worth the five minutes.

If somebody from Owle Budo wanted to send me one for my G3 I-Phone I’d do a serious review 🙂 Failing that, I might have to buy my own. This thing is amazing.