Nude Photography Workshop Online

I’ve signed up for the free online webinar on Nude Photography being sponsored by Manfrotto’s School of Xcellence featuring Swedish Photographer Ami Elsius who will be discussng technique and approach in the first of a three-course online workshop.

Nude photography is a lot more than convincing someone to sit naked in front of your camera (although that’s where a lot of us started).

Photographing the human form is one of the most challenging types of photography to do well. Anybody can shoot a photo of themselves naked in the mirror and uploaded to their Facebook page.

This isn’t nude photography (which also doesn’t include photography where the photographer is naked. Done that at my first mother-in-law’s nature resort…long story but I saw a lot more of my mother-in-law than I was used to.

To sign up for Friday’s webinar, follow this link and thanks to Manfrotto (I can recommend their products as I use them myself.)


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