Singh-Ray Filters

Now why would I mention the name of the company that makes neutral density filters? It’s because they make the best filters on the planet!

I know this to be true as we used Singh-Ray Filters on our fall trip to Algonquin Park a few years ago. Ethan Meleg, one of the photo editors for Outdoor Photography Canada magazine had brought a bunch of Singh-Ray filters including the incredible Gold-N-Blue Polarizer.

Anyway I was scanning the blogsites I scan a couple of times a week and this post came up from Singh-Ray.

There are lots of guys (and gals too) who say something like “oh I can fix the background in Photoshop” and to a point their correct. But the use of an optical filter on the front of your lens gives you a much more natural look. See what Jay Dickman, who is the photojournalist and instructor/lecturer about the National Geographic Expeditions has to say about using Singh-Ray Filters. (How do I get a job like that?)

One more thing: Be prepared for some sticker shock when it comes to Singh-Ray. These are professional grade filters and are priced accordingly. Yes you can buy a neutral-density filter for $80 but you do get what you pay for when it comes to optical glass.

If I could recommend I’d buy the Vari-ND variable neutral density filter plus a LB Warming Polarizer or the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer (which we used in Algonquin on the photo above).


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