Oakville Camera Club

Another filled-house crowd at the Oakville Camera Club last night. This is the little camera club that’s growing up fast. The night started with an excellent half-hour slide show by club member Fraser Farmer and after the break my friend Michael Willems walked the crowd through the basics of proper exposure.

At his site www.speedlighter.ca Michael has a post on using a light meter. If you’ve never used an external light meter you will want to read this post.

And if you want to become a better photographer, then join your local camera club. Here in Oakville, Ontario we’ve got our pick of a half dozen clubs within a 45-minute drive. The Oakville Camera Club caters to the new photographer and has been blessed by visits from some of the best photography teachers in southern Ontario.

Some clubs are arty. Some clubs are exclusive. And some clubs, like Oakville, are a lot of fun. I always pick fun 🙂

Here’s a shot from a recent club meeting where one member brought in his framed photos.


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