Big Softbox Outdoors

Professional portrait shooters sure like using really big softboxes.

But why? And, how do you use one?

The “go-to-guy” when it comes to using speedlights on location is Joe McNally. Joe has posted a short You Tube video that shows Joe shooting a fabulous sunset shot in St. Lucia.

Notice how Joe has a assistant holding a softbox and moving the light to just the right spot on the subject while Joe has his camera set to exposure for the natural sunset light.

The softbox that Joe is using is an Elinchrom (highly recommended) Quadra.

So why a softbox over an umbrella? Softboxes and umbrellas both soften light. The softbox creates a more defined edge to the light and is perfect for feathering the light on a model. How about umbrellas? They spread light more than a softbox and can be used as a bounced light source or a shoot-through source.



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