Why Photoshop Sucks

I’m not talking about Photoshop the program. Photoshop rocks!! If you can’t do it in Photoshop, it can’t be done.

But the issue becomes: Can YOU do it in Photoshop?

Thanks to PsD (Photoshop Disasters) lots of graphic artists are either blind or inept. Maybe both.

Case in point is this lovely example thanks to an ad for Subaru. Honestly what happened to this guy’s right arm and left leg (if that’s what it is or was). Horrifying.

The fun continues on a daily basis. Now you know why I don’t use my Photoshop program to manipulate images. Mine tend to look pretty much like the ones you’ll find at PsD. 🙂 I’m a pretty shooter but I’m no graphic artist.


1 thought on “Why Photoshop Sucks

  1. Photoshop sucks because it is impossible to work with exact pixels. It’s always anti aliasing. Pencil tool 1 pixel 100% opacity: blob. Photoshop produces fussy images. Period.

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