The dangers of Flickr

I’m  a big fan of Social Media sites like Flickr.

You can post your images for all to see. (You can even password your images so only family and friends can view them.) There are groups for sharing ideas and asking questions and Flickr is just one site of many. is one of the best for serious shooters.

The one issue that does come up is not all of the responses you might get are either correct or even intelligent. There are more than a few morons out there who own cameras and the quality of their photography varies from awful to amazing. But what’s worse is some of them then get online and make some snarly comment because it’s easy to do when you’re sitting at home in your bunny slippers.

So if you are offering your images or asking for help online remember to question carefully the response and don’t take the comments you might read too seriously.

It comes down to that old saying about nobody can tell you’re a dog on the Internet.


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