Boudoir Photography

I’m not a fan but I’m weakening πŸ™‚ takes your girlfriend, dresses in them in 1940s boudoir clothing, shoots photos in studio or out on location and look out πŸ™‚ That’s one of the studio shots done by photographer Ryan Ambrust posted here.

One neat idea is to take a workshop with these folks. Their two-day workshop goes for $1200 (partners and assistants are half price) and to protect their own market they won’t sell a workshop to any photographer within a 200-mile radius of Louisville Kentucky. BTW they do “pin-up” parties. Now there’s an idea for my 65 birthday in a few years πŸ™‚ Yeah baby πŸ™‚

Here’s a You Tube video of Boudoir Lousiville’s Ryan Ambrust at work. Blow it up to high-def full screen to get the best effect.

This one shot at an old drive-in can show you how Ryan works the magic. Notice the three Alien Bee monolights which he uses to turn a shot taken in daylight to a shot taken at night. Cool.

Ryan’s got another one done in his studio.

So let’s see what you need: Β You need a girl who can make 1940s outfit hot. (Ladies who are more amply endowed look fabulous in boudoir photos.)

You need a classic 1940s car. Great hair and bright, bright makeup are essential. And then you need at least two speedlights or much better a host of monoblock lights with a battery power supply and then you too can make this kind of magic. Maybe… Think I’d want to take the workshop. Wonder what Mrs. West is going to say 😦



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