In the beginning…

Let’s start a new beginner’s series on photography.

Let’s begin by talking about the camera itself.

All cameras, from the very first primitive box cameras built in France in the early 1800s to today’s most sophisticated and complex digital single lens reflexes have one thing in common: They are all essentially just light-tight boxes.

Some cameras you can still buy today don’t even have a lens but rather use a pin-hole.


Back in the old days I owned a lovely Leica M-4 camera which had only three controls: shutter speed, lens aperture and focus. It was a very expensive camera used by photojournalists to shoot amazing black and white images (Think of the movie “My Year of Living Dangerously.”

This camera did not have a light meter. You had to use an external light meter. Because nothing was automatic, every shot (pretty much) was in focus, properly exposed and properly composed.

Those were the good ole days šŸ™‚

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