Is it photography?

Among other Twitter feeds (including my own: peterwest) I follow #photography. As I work at my home office I keep TweetDeck running on a second monitor and occasionally, for fun or to break the tedium of being a one-man show, I look at what’s passing by.

Today, one of the people I follow (Alice’s Blog) suggested readers look at Alex Stoddard’s work.

Stunning images. Brave. Even groundbreaking especially when you consider that Alex is 17.

These images are enough to discourage some from ever picking up the camera again. They’re that good.

But, is it photography? Yes yes I know Alex is using the photographic medium but his images are so heavily photo edited that I am challenged to view them in the same way I’d view Henri Cartier-Bresson or Ansel Adams‘ work.

Alex produced these images following a “365 project”. He says on his site that when he started off he “hadn’t a clue how to operate my camera outside of ‘Auto’ mode.”

If you like Alex’s work checkout Rosie Hardy. Amazing.

And is it photography? Who cares! The images speak for themselves 🙂  …loudly and clearly.


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